It's all about the barbeque

BBQ is our passion.  Not just good BBQ, but mouthwatering, perfectly seasoned, cooked low-n-slow barbeque.  Our barbeque is not rushed.  It's done when it's done.  We've painstakingly crafted our barbeque sauces to be the perfect companion for our meats.

If you're ready for an amazing barbeque experience, then place your order today.


Local wood

Amazing barbeque is more than picking the right cut of meat.

BBQ is the perfect harmony of seasonings, meat cooked low and slow over wood.   Our wood comes from trees on our property.  Want your pork smoked over apple wood? We've got that.  Are you a big fan of hickory?  We've got that too.

Simple methods, expertly prepared

You won't find expensive smokers or fancy gadgets here. 

Slaughterhouse BBQ brings incredible flavor through tried and true spice blends, the best quality meat and our simple smoking methods.  All of our rubs are blended from in-house using the freshest spices and seasonings.

Every order is made to order

The best BBQ has to be made with fresh ingredients.

When you place your order, we hand select the perfect cut of beef, pork or chicken just for you, then we begin the careful process of creating the best BBQ you've ever had.  At Slaughterhouse BBQ you won't find large refrigerators packed with meat and other ingredients just sitting there waiting to be used.  Rather, you'll see a small refrigerator that's keeping your order fresh until it reaches your table.

The flavors are locked in

We're HUGE fans of BBQ and we're passionate about making sure that it tastes great, even a couple days later.

The best way to enjoy Slaughterhouse BBQ is to enjoy it fresh from the smoker, but we know that there are many times when we are not able to enjoy our delicious, smoked foods right away. We got to work and experimented with different ways to preserve the flavors, juices and smells of  the smokehouse.  After a lot of trial and error, we discovered the best way to preserve the flavors, and lock in that fresh, off the smoker experience, is to vacuum seal our meat.  So, that's what we do!  We quickly vacuum seal your order when it comes off the smoker, to make sure that the juices, flavors and smoke are preserved and locked in. From there we package it and rush it to you as quickly as we can!

Slaughterhouse BBQ is Gluten-free!

One less thing to worry about.

Enjoying and trying new foods can be challenging when you are living a gluten-free lifestyle. Reading labels, trying to translate the many scientific names for "wheat" can be so frustrating! Slaughterhouse BBQ meats are brined, seasoned and smoked using naturally gluten-free ingredients!

SBBQ Is Great for Gatherings!

Holidays have a way of sneaking up on you...

Whether it's President's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Easter, Memorial Day (you get the idea...) there never seems to be enough time to get your menu together, So make your holiday celebrations the talk of the town, by making sure you have plenty of Slaughterhouse BBQ on hand!

Slaughterhouse BBQ is now on Facebook!

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Someone told us about this website named Facebook, so we decided to check it out. :-) We "liked" it so much, we decided to create a page for Slaughterhouse BBQ! Check out our Facebook page, "like" us and tell us and your friends and family how much you enjoy our BBQ!